The Leftovers
by Diane Henshaw / ダイアン・ヘンショウ

2010.11.12(金)- 12.24(金)11am - 19pm

12.13(月) - 12.18(金) の間は、アティースト来日予定。お会いしたい方は、予約してください。


The artist will be in Tokyo between 13th -18th Dec. Should you wish to meet her, please make an appointment.

11月20日(土) - 12月8日(水)は画廊は閉まっています)

Diane is based in Northern Ireland. Born 1973. Introduced to S.I.B. by the Floating World exhibition. 

ダイアンは1973年生で、北アイルランド在住、北アイルランド/アルスター大学ファインアート修士課程を2000年に終業。SIB現代美術には、2010年4月に行われたFloating World 展でデビュー。


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Copyright / Diane Henshaw
Artist's Statement /アーティストノコメント

Henshaw deals with the abstract and has an obsession with Searching for the perfect line - her work known for it's paired down lines and formulated composition has developed to a new enterage of blasting hues and tones using a plethora of line, print, collage & form.  Henshaw synonymous for her use of gestured line and process work - works blind - detraining the well educated eye - and focuses on the apparent, the banal and diary stylized method of dealing methodically with the abstract.

Diane Henshaw graduated with her Degree in Fine Art from the University of Ulster in Belfast in 1995 and with her Masters in Fine Art from UUB in 2000.




 SIB現代美術  2010/10月

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