Bird / バード 
by Darlene Delbecq / ダーレン・デルベック

2010.9.20(月)- 11.10(水)11am - 19pm

9.20(月) - 9.25(土) の間は、随時開廊しています。その後は予約制。

10月2日 - 10月10日/ 10月22日- 10月31日は画廊は閉まっています)

Darlene is based in Indianapolis, U.S.A.. Born 1956. Introduced to S.I.B. by Christof Leistl 



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Copyright / Darlene Delbecq
Director's Comment/ディレクターノコメント

I first got to know about Darlene from Christof Leistl, a photographer in Munich. A photographer in America was the only information to start with. I have now received a set of her work and seen some of her works available on the net, and have spoken with her very recently. Knowing someone for the first time can be often difficult, but having seen her work beforehand and talking to her has made it much easier to understand her stance in creating her photographs.

Why I thought I needed to know about her was because through her photo works, I see her persona emerging very strongly. I don’t still know anything about her in detail except what I have known in last a few months. I, for myself, have long avoided making portraits for despite against people in general, but in seeing Darlene’s work I see her affection empathy towards the subject that she is pressing the camera shutter at. It is of her unseen presence I see a lot in her work. That is a rare power to be able to feel the artist’s being reflected in art works. That makes her a good artist.

In this ‘Bird’ exhibition at SIB, a woman with a dress and a binocular is watching back out of the papers the images are printed. You are invited to a birdcage that is called a gallery to look at and to be looked at. Come and watch. SIB Contemporary Art Director 2010 Sept



 今回の「バード」展覧会では、ドレスを着たある女性が双眼鏡を持ち、その画像が印刷された紙から、こちらを見つめ返している。画廊という「鳥かご」に、皆さんをご招待し、作品を見つめて、そして見つめられて頂きたい。 SIB現代美術 ディレクター 2010/9月