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Cardboard City ダンボールの街

Date 2009.11.07 - 終日未定 

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Cardboard City Video

Cardboard City ダンボールの街


アンディー・パーソンズ アーティスト・イン・レジデンシー S.I.B.現代美術

 パーソンズのインステレーションはダンボールを主な素材として使用し、ダンボールで出来た街の一角に、現在イギリスでは社会現象となっている「Hoodies」(フーディズ/フードをかぶった若者達)を据え置いた。「Hoodies」とはある意味、社会的に阻害され、正体の知れない者達を象徴している。破棄されたダンボールなどを使い彼が作り上げた街は、現在の経済的な危機と世界各国におけるその影響を表す。また同時にその素材が表す意味合いは、パーソンズの故郷でもあるイングランド・コベントリーに1960 年代に造られた、現在では悪名高きコンクリート建造物の群像や、東京でも未だ見つけることが出来る古い建築物の残像をも示している。つまりそれらは、当時の建築スタイルと都市計画がもたらしたユートピアでもあり、ディストピア/暗黒郷の姿だ。

アンディー・パーソンズ  アイルランド/スライゴー在住、イングランド出身

2009.11.7 - 終了日未定

12 - 19時 開廊 



Tel: 03-3552-5090



Cardboard City

ANDY PARSONS Artist-in-Residency at S.I.B. Contemporary Art

2009.11.7 -

We would like to invite you to view the works resulting from the recent artist-in-residency programme at our gallery. Andy Parsons, currently resident in Sligo, Ireland, has produced an installation filling the gallery with a cardboard city, and populating the environment with hoodies. The hooded figures represent the marginalized and anonymous. The environment he has created from discarded cardboard boxes is a comment on the current ecomomic crisis and its impact around the world. The cardboard city also plays with ideas about architectural style and urban planning, utopias and dystopias. Using quotations from 1960s architecture the installation links Tokyo with Parsons home town of Coventry in England, notorious for its massive swaths of concrete.

2 Floor, 3choume-26-11, Hacchobori,

Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN.

Tel: 03-3552-5090





Artists Statement

Andy Parsons completed a B.A. in Painting at Winchester School of Art in 1989 and an M.A. in Painting at Manchester Metropolitan University in 1990. He  recently moved to Sligo after a number of years living and working in London.

His work includes drawing,painting, printmaking, sculpture and Artists Books. He has had numerous solo shows in London and Tokyo and shown in group exhibitions such as the Jerwood Drawing Prize. Recent projects include a visual essay for Circa magazine and a number of installations based on the work of Caspar David Friedrich.  This spring he has undertaken an innovative educational project for the Model Niland in Sligo converting a disused pharmacy into a studio and project space and creating work collaboratively with local young people.

His recent work is based on the idea of the Romantic in relation to historical and political narratives.  


Parsons work is in public and private collections in England, Ireland, Netherlands and Japan. Parsons also exhibits at he Eagle Gallery, London, Langham Gallery, London and the Original Print Gallery, Dublin.



Winchester School of Art 86-89, B.A. Painting, First.

Manchester Metropolitan University, 1989-90, M.A. Painting, Distinction.


Selected group exhibitions

1989 Young Contemporaries, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester.

1990 Holden Gallery, Manchester

Slaughterhouse Gallery, London.

1994 New Burlington Gallery, London.

1995 WCA Gallery, Winchester.

1996 Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool.

1998 "Stories of Substance", APT Gallery, London.

1999 BBB Contemporary Art, London

2000 "13", Morley Gallery, London

"Chu-Hi and Chips", APT Gallery, London.

The Jerwood Drawing Prize, Cheltenham, London and Hull.

2002 "10 Days in Deptford", APT. Gallery, London.

2003 APT On Show, Laban Centre Exhibiton, APT Gallery London.

"Drawing Between", (with Hide Ishibashi), Gallery MAKI, Tokyo.

2004 "Drawing Between", (with Hide Ishibashi),Share arts Centre, Co Fermanagh.

2005 "Drawing Between 2", (with Hide Ishibashi), Gallery MAKI, Tokyo.

"Folklore", Group Show APT Gallery, London, Curated by EBB.

2005 Ephemeral Cities” Deptford X Festival, web art project.

2006 Terra Incognita” Atelier WG, Amsterdam.

2006 FLIX, Rubicon Gallery, Dublin

2006 Oakham Gallery, St James’s, London

2007 Floating World, Market Place, Armagh.

2008 Perpetuum Mobile, APT Gallery London


Selected solo exhibitions

1989 Rugby Art Gallery.

1990 Salisbury Arts Centre.

1992 Design Centre Manchester.

1994 Castlefield Gallery, Manchester.

1997 Townely Hall Art Gallery.

Bankley Gallery, Manchester.

2002 Sticks and things’, Standpoint Gallery, London.

2004 Sticks and things’, APT Gallery, London.

2005 Sticks and stones’, Clinton Centre, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh.

2007 Hoodies’, Gallery Sudo, Tokyo, Japan

2008 Romantic’, Teach Ban Nua Gallery, Co. Sligo, Ireland.Curated

2003 "Territory", featuring Edwin Aitken and Simon Burton, APT Gallery, London.

2004 "Floating World" artists books, LAB 04, and LAB 05 ICA London.

2005 "Floating World" artists books, LAB 04, and LAB 05 ICA London.

2006 "Floating World" artists books, SPF London

2007 "Floating World" artist books exhibition Market Place Armagh

2008 Sligo Art Gallery Supported by The Arts Council An Chomhairle Ealion


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